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Lithium Cosmologies and Energy Landscapes

On Thursday 4 February 2021, Het Nieuwe Instituut is organising an online event about the role of lithium in the “green” transition to sustainable energy, as well as  one of the greatest scientific mysteries of our time: the so-called cosmological lithium problem. Entitled Lithium Cosmologies and Energy Landscapes, it is part of a series of public activities related to Lithium and Thursday Night Live!

The discursive programme TNL! Lithium offers an in-depth addition to the exhibition that is now showing at Het Nieuwe Instituut. (Online) visitors can be recharged by the sustainable energy source of lectures and debates. In each event, they can learn more about the role that lithium plays in the different forms and aspects of burn-out that are covered by the exhibition; from raw material extraction to mental health and the so-called green energy landscape.

Marina Otero Verzier, Anastasia Kubrak
David Habets, Cameron Hu, Stefan Schäfer
Ina Hollmann
Katrin Bombe
Austin Redman